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Joey Sliced Bread


 Okay Guys... Here it is, my first fanfic EVER! It's probably not that good but I figured I'd post it and see what you guys think..

Title: Beginning of a Fairytale
Pairing: Nick and Miley
Rating: K

     It had been a hard week on tour for Nick. His sugar had been going from 400 to 60, he was sad, and most of all, lonely. He had the perfect girl, and all he has done was push her away and break her heart. Even with all his family and the rest of the crew, he still felt like he was alone on the road.

     Earlier that day he had got on iTunes and purchased Miley's new album. He thought maybe hearing her sing again would make him feel better. Song, after song Nick realizes that the album was directed toward him. After listening to it, he knew he had to talk to Miley.

     Walking towards the front of the bus, he passes Joe, and asks Kevin if he can use his phone. He knew Miley wouldn't answer for him, and her and Joe had never gotten along, they both seemed to fight for attention. Nick slowly dials Miley's number. Her ringback tone starts to play, 'Wild Horses' by the Rolling Stones, better known as their song. Suddenly, there's a voice on the line.
"Yes, Nick!?"
Without another word, Nick says,"I just got done listening to your new album..." Miley responds,"And, what did you think?" Nick hesitates and than answers,"Miley, I'm really sorry, I never ment to hurt you like that. The truth is, I really miss you. And Miley..." Miley slowly says,"Yea, Nick, what is it?" He calmly says,"I love you," in somewhat a sad tone. Miley blurts out,"Oh Nick, you finally got it right, all I needed was your apology. I love you, too, and always will!"

     Suddenly, Nick smiles, something he hadn't done in a long time. He then realized that everything happen for a reason. The two of them might not be able to be together right now, but deep down they both know, when the time is right, they can live the fairytale they both dream of.